How to Write an Inform Letter

by WriteExpress Staff Writers

Inform letters can be powerful tools to spread important information. Keeping individuals well informed is vital to your business.

  • Be thorough, but concise. Omit irrelevant details and communicate the facts.
  • Be courteous.
  • For unpleasant news, such as a layoff, write your letter in a direct yet sensitive way.
  • Make sure that the information you send is clear and complete so that you are not bombarded with questions later.
  • Write your letter in such a way that the reader can get the information quickly and be able to refer to it easily in the future, if necessary.
  • Send reminders about meetings and appointments in good time so that the recipient has sufficient time to prepare or fulfill assignments. Send other reminders as the need arises.
  • When writing this letter, be sure to communicate exactly what you want. Giving precise instructions or information now may save a great deal of correcting later.

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